Take this opportunity to unlock the true potential of your mix and bring your creative vision to life.

If you do not have a label or distribution deal, reach out to me for special album conditions. I am always eager to level up your project.
For the best possible support I provide a mix analysis in advance on request.

Every Master includes
Revisions, all stereo formats for digital distribution incl. ADM (Apple Digital Master), restoration unit
Album master includes sequencing

Order placement
Upload the audio, send Whatsapp or Email. Always provide:
Artist & song title(s) & Invoice address
Job type (Master, Stem-Master, Mix)

EU companies outside Spain with VATin/ Ust.ID or companies outside of the EU will receive the bill with the Net amount

Delicate adjustments to deep moves, depending on effort, 182-333€ Gross, send demo for exact price

665€ Gross
Includes Revisions
Includes Live Session

Dolby Atmos / Sony 360RA
Immersive Audio
Mix & Master 665€ Gross
Master 212€ Gross

157€ Gross
Express +43€ Gross
Additional (Vinyl Master, Instrumental) +43€ Gross